• aletamylestv

Joy is an act of resistance.

Reminder: When thoughts of the unknown creep in about your future or fear of political doom tries to steal your light and cause anxiety, know that JOY and LIVING your life is an act of rebellion. SHINE BRIGHTER, vote, love others and let them live their lives, support civil rights for all...Black Lives BEEEN MATTERING....support woman globally. All the things! LIVE!!!!!! Go eat! Hug somebody. Travel.

How to use joy as resistance:

First, put all your 'fucks' in a basket and never give one! (unless you are giving a fuck about things that bring YOU joy!) Make room for yourself, spread out, ask for what you want...especially in the presence of those who don’t think you deserve to live in your freedom. Those who suppress their needs, wants and try to suppress yours are actually inspired by your freedom low-key.

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