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Space to grow.

I have never been a "type A" personality. I'm super disorganized, my focus can easily shift and sometimes i say "yes" when I really mean "HELL NO!". I guess "type A" people can be disorganized and not be intrinsically motivated. ARGGHH!! I just want to blame something for my lack! LOL!! Sometimes it is very hard to stay motivated and keep my spirits up. Sometimes I have to take longer breaks for self-care when i wished I just felt like creating. Sometimes you just feel drained. When I see someone posting about how they are always on top and never share their low moments I want to throw a shoe at their face.

But... I think it's okay to pause and to take space. It is also okay to push beyond those feelings and keep your goals in front of you.

What can I do when i feel unmotivated or stuck?

It helps me to name what I'm feeling and acknowledge it. I feel....unmotivated, angry, joyful. It also helps to take a minute and find the source for that feeling. 9 times out of 10 when I feel unmotivated/stuck it is because I am afraid or overwhelmed so I shut down. When I can acknowledge what is really going on it makes it easy to move past it.


Take a step forward. Just one step. whatever is the next best choice...take it. The next best choice can look like-

  1. Getting a shower.

  2. Washing and styling your hair.

  3. Saying "yes" to an invitation.

  4. Calling a friend and let them 'gas you up'!

  5. Taking a past due project OFF of your to do list.

  6. Watching a show, reading a book, listening to a podcast of someone who inspires you.

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